Terms and conditions of use

The following terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship between the provider of this online service (hereafter referred to as "Provider") and the users (hereafter referred to as "User"). Other rules apply only with the Provider's written consent.

  1. Contractual agreement
    1. The User truthfully declares herewith that he has reached 18 years of age or can prove that he has the explicit consent of a legal guardian in order to use the services of the Provider.
    2. Users under the age of 15 years must specify the e-mail address of a legal guardian and can not use this online service unless a legal guardian has consented to his/her registration. Furthermore, the legal guardians of Users under the age of 15 years have full authority to restrict the services offered or to revoke their use completely.
    3. The Provider shall be authorised to check the personal details of the User on the basis of suitably authorised documents. The User shall therefore present copies of any documents requested by the Provider as proof of his/her eligibility.
    4. The contract shall be deemed as concluded as soon as the User has successfully registered on an Internet site of the online service provider or on the Internet site of a partner of this online service provider. Confirmation of his/her registration and thus of the conclusion of the contract will be sent to the User per e-mail.
  2. Subject of the contract
    1. The Provider offers Users admission into his database free of charge, and the use of various services for communication with other Users. The following terms and conditions govern the utilization of the services by the User.
    2. The services offered by the Provider are to be used for private purposes only. Using these services for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Every User agrees on registration to use the services for private purposes only.
  3. Access and costs
    1. The use of all services offered by the Provider requires registration of the User as a member. Membership is free of charge and the further use of services is also free of charge unless otherwise clearly stipulated before a service is used.
    2. Services liable to a charge are offered by the Provider in the form of Premium Membership which includes additional functions as a supplement to those services included with free membership. Premium Membership is voluntary – free services can be used independently of these and without any specified time limit.
    3. Without the explicit, written consent of the Provider, Users are not permitted to register for access to the website more than once at a time nor to register again for membership after the Provider has denied access to a User's account or cancelled his/her membership on the grounds of violation of the terms of the contract.
    4. Access granted to a User may only be used by the User himself and not be transferred to third parties for any length of time. The User is not permitted to allow third parties to use his access rights (e.g. the publication of access data).
    5. Should the User use the services of the Provider unlawfully, in violation of the terms and conditions of use or in violation of any additional terms and conditions or if the Provider has reason to doubt the legality of such use, the Provider shall have the right to bar the access of a User at any time.
    6. Should the User – in violation of these terms and conditions – misuse or try to misuse the services of the Provider for commercial or other non-private purposes (in particular for sending Spam mail), the User agrees to pay the Provider a penalty of 100 EUR per user molested by this misuse, however at least 500 EUR.
  4. Services
    1. The Provider shall offer the User access to a central database containing contact and/or friendship advertisements. Published advertisements can be read and new advertisements published in this database. The advertisements originate from various websites which have partial or full access to this database and are configured so that they can also be called up on other web sites.
    2. As a confirmed member the User can read published advertisements, access further information on these advertisements, and answer these advertisements. For this purpose the Provider shall provide the User with a messaging system for anonymous communication between the members. This messaging system does not require the disclosure of personal details so that the anonymity of the User is assured.
    3. The Provider shall offer the User no active mediation and can thus not guarantee success. Each member registered with the Provider can autonomously make, accept, refuse and terminate contact with other members. Thus the provider cannot be held liable if no contact is made during the period of the contract or if a contact is terminated and cannot be restored.
    4. Furthermore the Provider shall offer the User access to forums for discussion on various topics.
    5. Any other services offered by the Provider or his partners are described and explained on the web site.
  5. Responsibilities of the User
    1. The User may only be registered as a member once at any one time. Should the User have forgotten his access data he can renew them on the respective sites of this online service using the previously specified and confirmed e-mail address.
    2. The User agrees to treat all e-mails, messages and other data of members which he received by using the services of the Provider with strict confidence and not to make them available to third persons without the consent of the sender. The same applies to names, telephone and fax numbers, messenger user names, postal and e-mail addresses, URLs and similar data of other members. The forwarding or publication of any data of non-members is also prohibited without their prior consent.
    3. The User may make contact with other users providing these users are themselves interested in making contact with the User and have not made any provisions in their profile or advertisement to the contrary. If a person contacted by the User does not wish further contact and informs the User of this accordingly or expresses this by marking him/her as undesirable contact, the User must accept this and refrain from any further contact with this person. If the User was previously registered as a User of this offer, this also automatically applies to all contacts from previous contractual relationships.
    4. In his advertisement, the User is not permitted to mention any names, addresses, telephone or fax numbers, messenger user names, but also in particular e-mail addresses or URLs. This applies to any form of data, whether it is written in full, abbreviated or in code form.
    5. Photos uploaded by the User onto the server of the Provider may only show him/herself. If any other persons are pictured on a photo, the User must have been given prior consent to the photo being used and published by each person included on the photo, or the other persons must have been made unrecognizable. The User must be in the possession of all rights of these photos and have permission to forward these rights to the Provider, so that he is fully permitted to copy and publish these photos, even after previous editing (removal of texts, logos and other advertising signs, change of size, blacking out, colour corrections etc.).
    6. Some Users may, on request, be granted access to program functions marked as "Beta" or otherwise as immature functions ("Beta functions"). As far as this is permissible by law, Beta functions shall be made available at the User's own risk. The User must neither disclose any information taken from Beta functions to third parties, nor reveal the existence of non-public Beta functions, nor provide access to them.
    7. Each User also agrees not to use the services offered by the Provider improperly, in particular:
      1. not to use it to propagate any defamatory, offensive or pornographic material or information or such which is in any other way illegal;
      2. not to use it to threaten or annoy others or to invade their personal rights or privacy or to promise or demand money or services of monetary value;
      3. not to upload any data containing software or other materials which are destructive, e.g. with viruses or which are in any way protected by copyright or industrial trade marks, unless the User is the owner of these protection rights or has the required consent to use and propagate this software or material;
      4. not to carry out or participate in any action which throws a bad light on the Provider, is detrimental to his reputation or otherwise reviles or dishonours him;
      5. not to use it in any way which could have a negative influence on the availability of the offers for other users;
      6. not to send e-mails or messages to other members for any purpose other than personal communication, in particular for the purpose of offering goods or services;
      7. not to send any chain letters;
      8. not to send any enquiries for Visa, money transfers, fictitious marriages, adulterous behaviour, financial aid or similar;
      9. no to send invitations to participate in surveys, whether with scientific or commercial background;
      10. not to send the same text in multiple messages to various members within a short period of time;
      11. not to personate another person and not to register with wrong information or forward wrong information to other users (especially the gender, date of birth and residence).
    8. Should be any reason to suspect that the User is using the services in an improper or illegal way, the Provider shall have the right to check the contents generated and submitted by the User, and if necessary to limit or inhibit the access to these data, or the access of the User to the offered services in general. In case of doubt the Provider shall have the final right of decision concerning the permissibility of the User's right to use the services.
    9. Notwithstanding any possible prosecution of the individual User, failure of the User to comply with any of the above rules of conduct shall entitle the Provider to cancel the User's membership without notice and to withdraw his right of access to the services provided by the Provider.
  6. Illegal contents of submitted data
    1. The User is not permitted to submit any photos of pornographic, erotic or sexually demonstrative nature nor any photos showing the use of weapons or the consumption of tobacco, alcohol or other addictive drugs.
    2. Furthermore, the User must not submit any data containing the following:
      1. offensive or vulgar terms of expression;
      2. blasphemy or curses;
      3. swear words;
      4. contents which are a bad example to children;
      5. contents which could encourage or teach children to undertake or copy harmful or dangerous activities;
      6. contents which can cause fear, intimidation, horror or psychological terror;
      7. incitement to or demonstration of discrimination or violence towards persons or groups on the grounds of their gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origins, religion or nationality;
      8. requests or guides for criminal actions;
      9. content, which violates human dignity;
      10. propaganda or signs of unconstitutional organizations (in particular the presentation of the swastika);
      11. content, which aims sedition, hatred and the glorifying of violence or war;
      12. the denial or trivialisation of the Holocaust;
    3. The Provider shall be entitled but not obliged to check the contents of every text and all submitted files for their compliance to the general law, to these terms and conditions of use, and, if required, to edit or delete the contents.
    4. The provider shall be entitled to prohibit the registration to certain data or the communication with certain recipients.
  7. Notice of termination
    1. The User may terminate his right of access to the services of the Provider at any time without stating any reason. With his notice of termination the afore-mentioned contractual relationship shall expire. Should the User at the time of his notice of termination have drawn on chargeable services or have a credit balance with the Provider, he shall waive all further use of the services as well as repayment of any credit balance.
    2. The User's notice of termination must be given through the dedicated page of this online service provided for this purpose.
    3. After a continual period of User inactivity (in which the access data are not used) the Provider shall be entitled to terminate the membership of the User, without notifying him or obtaining his consent, notwithstanding any negative consequences for the User. In this case, the User shall be entitled to reapply for membership.
    4. The Provider shall be entitled to discontinue the services offered at any time either wholly or partially without stating any reasons. Users who at the time of discontinuation of the services still have a pre-paid, unused amount of services on their account shall be reimbursed on a pro-rata basis. Alternatively the Provider may offer the User other services to the same value.
  8. Rights
    1. All rights to programs, services, procedures, software, technologies, brands, trade names, inventions and other materials included in the offers of the Provider, lie solely with the Provider.
    2. The Provider shall be entitled to use all data submitted by the User for the particular purpose, especially to distribute this data, and make it accessible to other users and for Internet search engines. Should it be necessary for the fulfillment of purpose, the Provider has the right to modify this data and use a revised form for distribution. The User remains the owner of the submitted data, but the Provider receives the right to use the data in order to fulfill the user-selected services - in exceptional cases and following the Privacy Policy, even after expiry of the User's membership.
    3. The User shall be strictly forbidden to carry out applications which could lead to a change of the physical or logical structure of the used networks, or to undertake any attempt to translate, reconvert, decompile or disassemble the software used. This applies in particular to certain scripts, robots and other technical appliances which fulfil similar purposes.
  9. Liability
    1. The Provider has no control over the correctness and security of the information which is exchanged between Users or which Users place in their profile and can therefore accept no responsibility for this information. Liability for such information shall be excluded in all cases.
    2. Even though it is not permitted, Users can submit incorrect information or use the services of the Provider for other, improper or unlawful purposes. The Provider accepts no liability for improper or unlawful use of the services provided. The Provider further accepts no liability for the correctness of the User profiles submitted and their evaluation with regard to their compatibility with other Users.
    3. The User shall discharge the Provider from any liability and all obligations, expenses and claims arising from damages due to libel and slander, violation of personal rights exercised by other users, due to the failure of services for Users, due to the breach of rights of immaterial assets or other rights of the User. The User shall further release the Provider from any liability and all claims and costs arising from violation of these terms and conditions of use.
    4. The Provider accepts no liability for the uninterrupted availability of the services offered by him or for any maintenance work required, system-related failures, interruptions and malfunctions of the technical systems of the Provider. The Provider accepts no liability in particular for malfunctions of the quality of the access to the services of the Provider which may arise due to events beyond his control or which are not his responsibility, in particular the failure of communication networks and gateways. The Provider accepts not liability for minor interruptions of his services.
    5. Minor disturbances to chargeable services of the Provider do not justify complaints. A minor disturbance for chargeable services is in effect when the period during which the User cannot access the services of the Provider does not exceed five consecutive days. A further requirement for a justified complaint is that the Provider is liable for the non-availability.
    6. The Provider is liable for damages which occur for reasons other than those mentioned above only when they were caused wilfully or due to gross negligence on the part of his institution, employees and assistants, and only to the extent and in the ratio of which he was instrumental in causing the damage. The Provider is liable for negligence only to the extent in which an institution, employee or assistant of the Provider has failed to fulfil an obligation stipulated in the contract. The liability is limited to typically predictable damages. Otherwise liability is excluded.
  10. Independent service providers
    1. Any contact between the User and advertising customers or independent service providers appearing on the web site, whether for advertising or promotional purposes or to supply information or products and services for sale, including their payment and delivery and any other associated regulation, guarantee etc. requires a relationship which is to exist solely between the User and the third party mentioned above.
    2. The User shall agree that the Provider cannot be held responsible in any way for negative consequences which may arise from the afore-mentioned relationship.
    3. The Provider accepts no liability for the correctness and reliability of information, opinions or other data of independent service providers.
  11. Customer service
    1. The User is authorised to contact the Customer Service of the Provider either via the contact form of this online service or per post at the address given in the masthead. Customer service per telephone is not included in the service offered by the Provider.
  12. Translations
    1. Translations of these terms and conditions of use may contain translation-related deviations or inaccuracies. In case of doubt the terms and conditions of the original language, German, shall apply.